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The incredible salaries of Metrolink Executives.
We've got the salaries of Metrolink's top executives!  See how your tax dollar is wasted
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Metrolink fails Safety Audit by the California Public Utilities Commission.
According to the PUC study, Metrolink may have falsified some tests in the audit, and failed to check on cellphone use even AFTER the Chatsworth accident!
For the actual PUC report, Click here.

KNBC investigative reporter Paul Grover reports on the Metrolink Safety Audit failures.
Metrolink rider provided the information to Mr. Grover do to the report.
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Special: Metrolink Pays $135,000 to Silence Former Spokesperson.
Click here for a copy of the actual settlement agreement.

LA Weekly article (May/08) about how Metrolink tried to take this web site's name away.  Click here.

Los Angeles Daily News Opinion Piece on Metrolink. Click here.