Salaries of Metrolink Executives

See where your fare dollars are going!

Here are the salaries of Metrolink's top executives.  This list was obtained from Metrolink via the California Public Records Act (CPRA).

Note that there is no Chief Safety Officer, and unlike the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), Metrolink does not have an Inspector General.


Job Title

Base Salary (Annual)

John Fenton

Chief Executive Officer


Dennis Marzec

Chief Operating Officer


Robert Turnauckas

Chief Administrative Officer


Linn Douglas

Chief People Officer


Crary Williams

Chief Strategic Officer


Bruce Hartwell

Chief Information Officer


Patrica Bruno

Government and Regulatory Affairs Manager


Olga Yero

Chief of Staff


The total compensation for the Metrolink Executive Staff is $1,423,875.00 per year.

The number of employees that Metrolink had as of 3/29/11 was 208 regular full time employees.

That's right, about a million and a half bucks to supervise about 200 employees!  Can you name a private firm that pays that level of salary to manage about 200 employees? 

Wow!  Can you spell B-E-L-L?